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d3 - design studio 3

University of Innsbruck - Prof. Patrik Schumacher

colleagues: David Stieler, Christoph Brunner

The parametrical design based on folding in architecture is the control installation for the business tower for Maribor (SLO) - the cultural capital 2012. Participating in the studio, thought by Patrik Schumacher (ZHA) the fluidity and the diversity in the form finding process was the main focus. 



Defined by three parametric rules with flowing transitions, the task was to create a tower based on multiple variations of cubes.


The form is dominated by a folding principle that is defined by angle gradients entered into a grasshopper script. The size of the accessible forms in reference to the high-rise and the base forms stand in dependency to each other. The shrinking facede and inlays are the elements that actualise the parametrical design.


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