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Dipl.-Ing.   [Master of Science]

Roman Manuel Schöggl

Pradler Straße 25

A-6020 Innsbruck

Austria - Europe



+43 664 378 492 1







personal skills
personal skills

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social skills







artistic skills




driving licence




computer skills
































         english (B2)  



         italian (C1)    



         spanish (C1)

volunteer at service and sports production coordination at the Youth Olympic Games 2012

webmaster Pfarre Pradl

adviser in a kids camp

high school mediator

presentation techniques seminar

Tyrolean cordination center during COVID-19 shut down


former actor in a theater group
































participant at the international Summer University Carinthia 2014 - Urban Design & Architecture (UD&A)

finisher at the "Ötztaler Radmarathon 2015"

finisher at the "Zurich Ironman 5150 olympic distance" 2017

finisher at the "Challange Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl Triathlon 70.3 middle distance" 2018


upgrade training course

20.04.2017 - 01.06.2018

additional degree course as expert for sustainable space development at the insitute of geography at the university of innsbruck

Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck

Innrain 52

6020 Innsbruck


architecture student at the vienna university of technology I master

01.03.2014 - 20.06.2016

principal subjects: regional planing, design studio, urban development, construction

Technische Universität Wien 

Karlsplatz 13

1040 Vienna


architecture student at the escola tècnica superior d'arquitectura de barcelona I master

01.09.2014 - 30.06.2015

principal subjects: urbanism, design studio, environmental building

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Avinguda Diagonal 649

08028 Barcelona


architecture student at the sapienza university of rome I bachelor

07.02.2013 - 18.07.2013

principal subjects: construction, design studio

Universita deli Studi di Roma - La Sapienza
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
00185 Rome

architecture student at the university of innsbruck I bachelor

01.10.2010 - 03.02.2014

principal subjects: interior design, urban design, civil engeneering and experimental architecture

Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck

Innrain 52

6020 Innsbruck


high-school student

01.09.2000 - 13.06.2008

principal subjects: science (biology, physics and chemistry), geography and history

Bundesgymnasium Reithmann

Reithmannstraße 1-3

6020 Innsbruck


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academical work

university lector

01.10.2018 - 02.02.2019

university lector in the seminar "zoning laws" for bachelor students in the field of architectur at the University of Innsbruck

Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck

Innrain 52

6020 Innsbruck


team member - graphic design, urban design and architecture

30.06.2016 - 10.07.2016

Team Member at the International Summer University Carinthia 2016

iSUC Verein zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft in Kärnten
Obere Fellacher Strasse 17
9500 Villach


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work experience

employee in the area of rural development and village renewal at the governmental administration of Tyrol

09.04.2018 - ongoing

employee in the area of rural development and village renewal at the governmental administration of Tyrol

Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung

Abteilung Bodenordnung

Dorferneuerung Tirol & Lokale Agenda 21
Innrain 1 - Andechshof
6020 Innsbruck

employee in the area of spacial planning at the governmental administration of Tyrol

01.03.2017 - 28.02.2018

employee at the governmental administration of Tyrol, Austria in the department of regional development and future strategy, in the field of spacial planning

Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung

Abteilung Landesentwicklung und Zukunftsstrategie

Sachgebiet Raumordnung
Heiliggeiststraße 9-11
6020 Innsbruck

part-time employee at I-Unit architecture office

01.10.2015 - 01.04.2016

part-time employee at I-Unit, architecture office in Innsbruck. Main duties in: drafting, planning, and detailed engineering.

I-Unit Architects ZT GmbH
Etrichgasse 22
6020 Innsbruck


01.09.2015 -01.04.2016

night shift waiter for private parties at the Breakfast Club Innsbruck.

Breakfast Club
Maria-Theresien-Straße 49
6020 Innsbruck

architecture internship

21.07.2013 - 22.10.2013

Internship at AP Malta where I worked on the new City Gate and Parliament project that AP is doing in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and the conversion of the St. John's museum, both projects located within the UNESCO World heritage site Valletta, in Malta

Architecture Project
Sappers street 4
VLT11 Valletta

technical support

01.04.2012 - 31.11.2012 | 01.10.2016 - 28.02.2018

technical support and customer service

Congress und Messe Innsbruck GmbH
Rennweg 3
6020 Innsbruck

supervison of a dormitory for homeless people

15.11.2010 - 15.04.2011 | 15.11.2011 - 15.04.2012 | 15.11.2012 - 31.01.2013 | 15.11.2013 - 15.04.2014

client contact and supervison in the dormitory

Rotes Kreuz Innsbruck
Sillufer 3
6020 Innsbruck

costa cruise staff

03.10.2009 - 27.04.2010

cruise ship staff in the entertainment team: animation, excursions and translations

Costa Crociere S.p.A.
Via XIII Ottobre 2
16121 Genoa

civilian service

01.10.2008 - 30.06.2009

maintenance work, client contact, and general help in a daily mentoring location and a laundry

Verein für Obdachlose

Kapuzinergasse 43
6020 Innsbruck

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