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Hochbau M - construction | technology | meet nature halfway

University of Innsbruck - Prof. Volker Flamm

colleagues: Stefan Steidl, Julia B.

Based on the fascinating properties of sleet, a study examined the interaction between snow, water and ice, and their mutual exchange of energy. Within this study a heating concept is generated using the phase changing material - sodium acetate.


Subsequently, referring again to aggregate state changes, and the layer structure, the project also focuses on snow compressions and snow drifts – cornices and sastrugi.



Therefore, a site was chosen in an alpine region with constant wind directions and wind speed, wherewith the aid of the study a 3 skin-multi-layered accommodation was developed especially for winter (ski touring) and summer athletes.

The 3 skin-multi layered accommodation is designed to create a shelter for bad weather conditions and windy situations typical of the alpine landscape. The project itself focused on the technological requirements necessary for autarkic alpine architecture with parameters like: wind, snow, pcm`s, ice, water and their related characteristics.  


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